91 ISO9001In 2003 we have successfully obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certification.

Since then we have never overlooked three important aspects of our company policy:

1.    Total client satisfaction

Quality is understood as total customer satisfaction in terms of compliance and conformity with requirements.

2.    Quality as the primary factor

Quality is viewed as a priority factor because it helps consolidate the client/supplier relationship.

All operating staff at Nuova TMA Srls are directly involved in a process called "TMA execution and control"This process does not merely embrace the material execution of a task but is structured in order to provide appropriate "output" elements, which in this context are vital for ensuring compliance with basic processing requirements.

3.    Personnel involvement

In accordance with the Quality System, machine operators are the "leading experts" for the activities and processes are assigned to them.

To ensure maximum exploitation of this experience, each operator is given the opportunity to use the tools needed for highly effective problem solving.

We believe that the success of the company means involving the resources of all personnel, be they in administration or production departments.

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91 ISO9001